2021 4WD UTE COMPARISON! 6 Dual Cabs Tested - SHOCK WINNER! Experts Expose Truth!

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We've done it AGAIN! The best 4WD dual cab ute comparison you'll see this year is here! Which 4WD ute takes the crown in 2021?

It's the Ford Ranger vs Isuzu D-MAX, vs V6 Volkswagen Amarok, vs Mitsubishi Triton, vs Mazda BT-50, vs Toyota Hilux! The Nissan Navara and Holden Colorado didn't make it this year, but you'll see why.

We cover EVERYTHING in the offroad ute test you won't see anywhere else:
Offroad performance & review
Automatic gearbox & transmission problems
Ute towing test / towing capcity comparison
Engine & common engine problems
Suspension and load capacity

The utes we tested:
Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2 Litre
2021 Isuzu D-Max
VW Amarok V6
Toyota HiLux Rogue
Mitsubishi Triton
Mazda BT50

Learn more about tuning a diesel engine by speaking to Rob and the team at Ultimate Diesel Tuning:

To keep things fair, we put Goodyear Wrangler ATs on these utes! It made an immediate difference to how well they went offroad, size up a set of new tyres for your 4WD at:

ALL utes need quality aftermarket suspension if you want to take them off road or load them up. Get the right suspension for your 4WD at:

MITS Alloy make lightweight, super strong and fully kitted out canopies for all these dual cab utes. Check them out at:

If you're towing or doing a lot of tough driving with your ute, you'll want to talk to Rocket about things like a transmission cooler upgrade:

To keep the towing test safe and controlled, we used REDARC Tow Pro Elite electronic brake controllers on each ute, find one here:

Our mates at Razorback make top quality seat covers that fit all of these utes PERFECTLY, so go and spec yourself a set at:

If you need a 4WD mechanic who can do ANYTHING, look no further than Pinnacle:
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