8 - HOW TO TRADE TRENDS & TREND FOLLOWING STRATEGIES | Complete Trading Tutorials For Beginners

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Hi everyone, welcome to the course and I am so glad you joined me. My goal for this course is to share everything you need to know before you start trading with real money, and give you a solid foundation on Technical Analysis to help you make the first step of becoming a professional & profitable trader.

After going through the Chart Reading basis, now mastering the Market Structures will be your next step. From the micro perspective, the markets may move randomly. However, if we zoom out and see the markets from the macro perspective, the markets always move in some certain cycles and patterns. In technical analysis, we call them the Market Structures. Being able to master the Market Structures from any charts is a very profitable and must-have skill every trader should have, and this is exactly where we will start continuing our journey.

In this video - Tutorial 8, I will share with you guys how to analyse the most profitable markets for beginner traders -- the Trending Markets, and how you can find your edges in any markets that are trending.

Basically I will touch on:
1. What are "Up Trends" and "Down Trends"?
2. How to draw trend lines to identify the healthy sustainable trend?
3. Detailed study on the Pullbacks in trending markets -- Simple Pullbacks vs Complex Pullbacks
4. What are the Top Four trend following principles?
5. One simple Trade Setup example for trading trend following
6. What are the Top Three signs for "Trend Exhaustion"?
7. Bonus TIPs on trend following.

Alright, let's get started.


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