ALL THE NEW LEGEND BUFFS In Apex Legends Season 5! (Octane, Revenant, Lifeline Gameplay)

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NEW Apex Legends Buffs to Lileline, Octane, Revenant and MORE! In this video we take a look at All the New Legend Buffs in our first few days of Gameplay! Like the buffs? Which Legend got the best buffs? Comment Below! Subscribe & Hit the bell to get my uploads! | Twitter: | LIVE! ►

Lost Treasures Patch Notes:
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Lifeline: She loses fast heal (sad) but she can now have her DRONE rez for her by pressing the REVIVE button on pc or controller and then use it as a shield to keep fighting! The Revive will happen by itself. You can either fight more, or actually go an revive a second teammate by yourself (without the drone). Your drone can still be used just to heal, and can be dropped to heal even while rezzing an opponent with your drone.

Octane: Octane's STIM now gives him 10% more speed, while his Jump Pad allows players to jump a SECOND time Mid-Air to avoid shots, confuse enemies and outplay opponents.

Revenant: Revenant's Ultimate no longer has a range, but it still has a timer - so make sure to be VERY aggressive early so you don't get caught in a bad position with no more death protection. It has become a strong meta choice in high level AS OF NOW!


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