Anime is Punk Rock Cartoons

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Anime is Punk Rock Cartoons. We've been saying it since the beginning of the channel, and now we finally have a video explaining not only why we say that, but also what it means for the future of Bonsai Pop. Please watch to the end of the video for some extremely important info about the channel's future.


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Anime is Punk Rock Cartoons is a line that's resonated with out audience since we first made Bonsai Pop. And since then we've been mulling over making this video, going against all the rules and common sense that you should follow for a successful YouTube channel, and truly carving our own path to something new and exciting. We hope you all will stick around and support us as we start a completely new branch of Bonsai Pop history.

About Bonsai Pop:
The brainchild of Mike, and Tyler. Bonsai Pop is our anime passion project, and it's 100% anime, 100% of the time! We make videos for ourselves and our patrons with the overarching goal to be completely financially independent of YouTube so we can make what we want and what you want!

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Anime is Punk Rock Cartoons

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