Bot & Nhi BACK TOGETHER. Saigon ????????

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Reunion between Saigon orphan, Bot with Nhi and her family.
Thanks to Abel Pena & Charissa Moncharoen (Garden Grove California).
I couldn't get them to go to an amusement place since they were shut but we got them the day off.
Also shout out to Danny Stormwolf who also asked me to reunite the former friends.


First meeting:
Nhi's birthday video:

00:00 Intro
00:19 Going to Nhi's house.
02:56 Bot enters Nhi's place.
03:44 Girls reunited.
07:35 1 mil vnd for Nhi's tickets.
10:30 1 mil vnd for Bot's tickets.
10:53 Abel Pena mil donations to each.
12:02 Donors want kids to be kids.
13:36 Arachnid got hit by a bike.
15:05 Farewell.
15:23 Outro
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