#BREAKING Maricopa County Board Supervisor Admits Deleting Files Off Election Server Is A Crime

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The Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has said that it is a crime to delete files from the election database, however, County Election officials, he said, didn't do it.

Jack Sellers wrote a letter in response to the Arizona State Senate President Karen Fann - who brought up numerous issues that the forensic audit team found - such as missing seals on batches of ballots, different numbers of ballots reported than existed, the failure to provide routers and passwords, and the discovery that files were deleted off of a server before it was delivered to the audit team.

Sellers wrote,

"that would be a crime - and it is not true."

Sellers goes on to say that the Board of Supervisors is tired of "the lies and half truths" about the 2020 general election and he takes specific issue with the accusation that County Officials deleted the files.

Sellers said that the allegation that County Officials deleted election files and destroyed evidence is "outrageous" however he did not explicitly deny that the files were deleted.

Sellers is demanding that the auditors retract their claim against county officials.

The State Senate has invited the Board of Supervisors to partake in a live streamed meeting to be held tomorrow to address the major issues that have been found by the audit team.
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