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Tea is one of the most popular drink of all time lankan tea has a very high demand among most of the top level tea manufacturing to the weather and climatic condition in my little beautiful country and following of the proper guidelines in the production, our tea seems to have a good state in the world market
The areas where tea is cultivated in sri lanka can be mainly categorized in to two as,upcountry and low country. Though the upcountry tea has a most precious odour, the tea in low country has a most precious odour,an astonishing colour, a brilliant taste which is mostly preferred by the foreigners and also do have a very high nutritional value reason for this is the matured condition of the soil and the weather condition as the tea specialists say.
As i am someone living in the low country being surrounded by a tea plantation,made me think to do a video on and my brother had planned a long time,just for this thought to bring you the formation of a tea branch to a plant,plucking tea leaves and after that the manufacturization process inside a tea factory to the industrial level as this video we'll show how to make green tea with different flavours at home.
We have been working hard for a several months to make this video for you the beginning you can see 'Maya' in few video also had a great help with our there's something to be said to you all that, our father is a tea planter in plantation of dad became the best plantation in the this area for several times.
For the purpose of drinking there are various tea types which are being called by different names as black tea, green tea, and herbal tea. In addition to that there are many types of tea which are so special with very high price of those are very high.
I don't think that the benefits of drinking tea shouldn't be again told for you adult both knows it the benefits of tea are as an energy drink and as a body stimulant,also burning calories,and tea has many benefits such as heart health,reducing the risk of diabetes,helping to strengthen bones, facilitating digestion of food and reducing cancer danger are some.
In this video the main aim me and my malli(brother) was to to give a sort of an introduction of 'Sri lankan Tea' to the Sri Lankan tea is the best tea and the finest am very happy that my father is a partner in the tea production and also i am inviting each and every foreigners to taste the Sri Lankan tea at least will be wondered by the taste ????
So this is for all of you be safe,get more close to the as a great human being.
May the triple gem bless !!
Your loving poorna♥️????

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