D'Andrea - Boring And Turning System: USE YOUR HEAD

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D'Andrea has been developing increasingly effective technologies since 1951 when its founder, Marino D'Andrea, begins the activity with the adjustment of the first boring and facing head, with manual feed.

In 1975 U-TRONIC, medium and large-sized NC heads for boring machines were created. In the '80s D'Andrea strengthened its position on the worldwide market NC U-CENTER heads for machining centres were created. More than 60% of U-CENTER production heads reached the United States. In the '90s with the launch of MODULHARD'ANDREA, TOPRUN, AUTORADIAL, MONO'd, MONOFORCE, TA-CENTER, TA-TRONIC AND U-COMAX the company revenues began an exponential growth trend.

D'Andrea production is characterized by two product lines: boring and facing HEADS and high precision TOOLHOLDERS. The company satisfies a range of high precision boring requirements, from the smallest diameters (2 mm) to the largest (3,5 metres), on the domestic and international market.
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