[Dark Souls 3] Do you ever feel fed up with bad teammates?

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The wait for Elden Ring continues, but do not go hollow, I will keep uploading DS3 pvp videos every day until Dark Souls 3 is no more. We will always be there to gank spank as long as there is any gankers left to destroy. DS3 2021!

I would like to thank all the Dark Souls 3 content creators for shaping up Dark Souls 3 to the game that it is today. Prod the funny, Chasethebro the great invader, FighterPl the parry king, Saintriot the meta hater, DangitJM the underrated, SunlightBlade the top 10, Peeve Peeverson the almighty, Oroboro the darkmoon blade sellswords, YukasLegion I ban him, VaatiVidya lore fix, LimitBreaker fun facts and my favorites BathedInBrena tournament host and iamamish the role model.
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