DBXV2: NEW FighterZ Style Ultra Instinct Goku, SSG Vegito, & SSG Gogeta MOD [W/INSANE CUSTOM SKILLS]

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This video takes into account some of the most unique Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mods that I have seen. At least in the last few months. The first mod shown is a SSG Gogeta MOD. The 2nd is a Super Saiyan God Vegito Mod, with INSANE Custom Skills and even a Custom Voice for the attacks(shown in the CPU Battles). I don't really follow the revamp projects that much, but upon seeing the videos, i knew it was time to showcase such a magnificent Vegito Mod

The last mod however, is probably my favorite Ultra Instinct Goku Mod. This mod, called "Project Awoken" has a Combo set, Custom Skills, and a transformation based on FighterZ. Along with even a new Aura! Not to mention that BjorntheBear released an Ultra Instinct Goku Skill, which I think goes well with this mod(Bjorns skill mod is not part of the original UI Goku MOD. I included it here). Bjorns skill is called "Autonomous Counter Attack"

ItzSenzu(SSG Gogeta)

Revamp Team & KalsKingdom(SSG Vegito & Custom SSG Vegito Voice)

(Bjornthebear) Autonomous Counter Attack


Here is another description that talks about the Skills UI goku Has(thanks to TLK)
- Plane old Surging Spirit. Charge you ki in an amazing speed. Starts a bit slow but it gets faster overtime

- Soaring fist that turns into Savage Strike once you transform;

- (ツ) (this skill is essential for the moveset to work);

- Strike numerous blows on the opponent so fast that nobody sees you throw a punch (it has a striking resemblance to Meteor Crash).
- Once you transform, this skill becomes a counter that work against striking and ki based skills (the result is different depending of the type of skill/distance between you and your opponent). You can also spend 1 more bar of ki while the counter is activated to shoot 2 homing ki blast (you are invincible in front while you are spinning the blasts);

- Plane old godly flex;

- Charge towards the opponent to fire a point blank kamehameha. While charging, you can evade 3 time in 3 ways (move the stick to left to dodge to left, right to right and the jumping button to jump). You can also spend 2 more bars of ki to do Warp Kamehameha.
- Once you transform, this move becomes more straight forward however. It becomes the level 3 from DB FighterZ;

- Perfect this godly state of being. You become a lot stronger and evolve your skills/moveset. However, you lose ki overtime. While transforming you are invincible and you can move right after your hair turns silver or wait until your ki burst at last to break your enemy's stamina if close by.

SSG Vegito (Thanks to Revamp Team)
Heat Burst: Regain Your Ki with a Powerful Burst of Heat that will knockback opponents nearby! Hold the Button to Regain more Ki per charge stage. You can also use this move while Boosting and be nearly invincible!

Ignition slash: Get close to your opponent and cut them down to size with your Ki Blade. And unleash a giant explosion to finish them off. Be careful, though, because this attack will leave you wide open!

Blazing combo: Rush to Victory with the Blazing Combo! Dash Towards them in Hot Flames to Unleash Combo After Combo on your Opponent! Time them right and you'll Send em Flying!

Nova Barrier: Ignite your Enemies with the Nova Barrier! Keep Hold to your Explosive Rage as you defend against Attacks, in the End, Explode in a Rage of Heat to send your Enemy Burning!
Blistering Sword: Blister your Enemy with a Long Range Flaming Sword! Press the Button to Blow them away with a Single Flick!

Infernal Flash: Jump into the Sky or Upper Cut them away to unleash a Powerful Energy Wave! Hold the Button to use your Ki to Keep up the Ki Wave.

Prominence Kamehameha: Unleash a Blazing Hot Kamehameha Wave that fuses two techniques together! It's powerful, but also uses up a lot of Ki!

Ignition Slash: Get close to your opponent and cut them down to size with your Ki Blade then unleash a giant explosion to finish them off! Be careful, though, because this attack will leave you wide open!
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