Desert Sage Locations RDR2 Red Dead redemption online beta Daily challenges

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Desert Sage Locations for Daily Challenges

Desert Sage Red Dead Redemption 2 Desert Sage is a collectable plant that can be harvested and gather, Can be crafted into a Horse Ointment. Plants can be potentially crafted into seasonings for cooking, poison weapons, medicine, tonics and elixirs at a Campfire using Pamphlet recipes. Desert Sage The plant's medicinal effects can be used to increase your Stamina Core if consumed or crafted into Bitters. The size of these shrubs can range between two to three feet in height. This type of sage can only be found growing to the west of Gaptooth Ridge, New Austin. (Artemisia Tridentata) Desert Sage shrubs can be identified by the delicate purple floral bracts. Can be crafted into a Horse Ointment. Locations where you can find Gaptooth Ridge in New Austin Herbalist Challenge 9 Route:

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