Don't Miss This Instructional Boxing Video! Shadowboxing Drill For Home

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Don't Miss This Instructional Boxing Video! Shadowboxing Drill For Home

Tom Yankello of the World Class Boxing Channel, brings to you another shadowboxing drill for home to add to his series that focuses on providing you with a boxing workout for home. Due to the times, Tom Yankello, realizes that much of the world is social distancing and so he wanted to provide athletes, coaches, workout enthusiasts, and those who are passionate for the sport of boxing a great workout that can be done by yourself in any size room. This video series is for all, from beginner to advanced. For those just starting you will learn how to shadowbox. For those that are advanced, you will learn ways to develop your creativity and imagination as you master this drill.

This drill was designed to teach amateurs how to block, slip, parry, and roll and more advanced fighters to amplify and enhance their skills when blocking, slipping, parrying, and rolling in a fight. This is a must know drill for defending and countering in boxing. You will learn how to block a punch in boxing, how to best slip a punch, how to parry a punch, and how to roll a punch. This at home boxing drill will help you know how to defend and counter in boxing.

Tom Yankello first shows you the breakdown of the drill, discusses how to develop rhythm and flow in your workout, shows you the pattern, helps you with the understanding the rotation of your hips from east to west to get the most power out of your punches and ends the video with the flow of the drill.

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World Class Boxing Instructional videos for punches, including footwork, are now available for purchase by visiting Tom Yankello is a true boxing professor. What he teaches in these videos is guaranteed to make you the best boxer you can be as you will learn and understand the boxing fundamentals for each and every punch along with footwork. There has never been a set of boxing instructionals created to date like these. They simply are the most thorough and most educational videos ever made.

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