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Ultra-Sexy Hot Feminine woman with a stunning body, gorgeous bone structure in her beautiful face, smooth glowing complexion

Welcome loves ???? Welcome to feline beauty

Feline- another name for cat


➞ Overwhelming perfect facial features + have an extremely perfect glow up in one listen
➞ become 110% more attractive and stunning
➞ Have intense rapid glow up
➞ Overall perfect feline, cat like beauty
➞ slimmed, perfectly shaped face
➞ smaller face and glowing facial features
➞ perfectly shaped ears
➞ Most Hypnotic feline features
➞ Symmetrical face
➞ Sharp, feminine jawline + v shaped
➞ 120 Gonial angle
➞ small, flat and perfectly petite forehead + longer baby hairs
➞ Burn unnecessary face fat.
➞ extremely high uplifted perfect cheek bones + rosy tint to them that can show up on any skin colour
➞ Blinding highlight on cheekbones that shines in any lighting
➞ Alluring, sparkling, stunning Feline eyes (cat shaped eyes)
➞ downturned Sharp + pointy inner corners
➞ natrual highlight in the inner corners of your eyes that enhance your feline eyes more
➞ Sharp extremely lifted + upturned outer corners of your eyes
➞ Slightly slanted eyes to give the feline effect
➞ Larger eyes symmetrical eyes
➞ Absolutely perfect sharp clear 20/20 vision
➞ Seductive Hypnotising cat eyes
➞ whitened sclera as white as snow
➞ Perfect wispy, long, fluffy, dolly like eyelashes
➞ Dramatic dark eyelashes + curled perfectly
➞ The length of your eyes lashes reach the tip of your eyebrows
➞ extremely long bottom lashes that are dramatic and dark
➞ lashes grow extremely fast overnight.
➞ Extremely lifted eyebrows + appearance of an eyebrow lift
➞ Perfectly groomed dark high arched eyebrows
➞ Extremely perfect slim and small button nose
➞ Free from any nose humps, blackheads, excessive sweat on the nose etc
➞ Nose lines up symmetrically with the rest of your gorgeous faces
➞ Small alar base
➞ Free from any long nose hairs + unnoticeable nose hairs when head is titled up or at any angel
➞ skin is clear to perfection, perfect glass skin, youthful tight skin, radiant, clean and free from any type of acne,birthmark or skin imperfection on skin
➞ immune to dry skin, skin is always moistured
➞ Skin literally looks airbrushed + faced tuned perfectly
➞ free from dark circles, puffy eyes, eye bags, eye irration and red eyes + perfectly refreshed and bright undereyes
➞ Skin that is absolutely flawless and constantly glows as if your in golden hour or blue hour
➞ Defined Cupid bow — ideal Cupid now
➞ Full, plump bee stung effect lips
➞ Lips that are perfect pink colour and extremely soft as silk
➞ lips are immune to cracking,drying,bleeding etc
➞ Lips constantly look flawless and kissable
➞ Stunning Hollywood smile that light up your whole face
➞ childlike smile that makes anyone’s heart flutter
➞ The uttermost set of teeth known to kan
➞ Healthy, pearly white - sparkling white teeth
➞ Perfectly straight teeth free from overcrowding teeth
➞ Perfectly healthy pink gums
most mintiest and perfectly fresh breath ever + constant good smelling fresh breath + free from any bad odours from your breath
➞ Strong teeth immune to falling out, immune to tooth aches, mouth pains etc
➞ Gorgeous contagious laugh
➞ Cute feminine voice that can make anyone fall in love with you in an instant
➞ every single facial feature is enhanced to the max right now.
➞ most seductive and amazing scent that anyone can smell whilst walking past you
➞ Absolutely photogenic and videogenic
➞ Beauty that makes people stop and stare
➞ Beauty that makes people stutter whilst talking to you
➞ constantly showered with love, affection , adoration, luck and extreme positivity every single second of the day
➞ Manifest so much love, care and happiness into your life
➞ popularity increased by 110%
➞ ULTIMATE confidence and self love
➞ IQ increased by 110%
-Extreme self love + know your self WORTH
-A good healthy mindset

Song - glamorous by FERGIE slowed and reverb

Girl in the thumbnail - Negin Vand
Girl in the video - @ffjolla

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Bye my Loves ????
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