FilmAid Film Festival 2020 Trailer - ONLINE: Nov 12th - 24th

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FilmAid Film Festival 2020 -

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The 13-year-old FilmAid Film Festival is a celebration of the creative self-expression and ambitious determination of young filmmakers demanding to tell their own stories and represent their own communities.

In 2020, the pandemic has driven us into seclusion, while the movement in defense of Black lives has called us to respond and join together in a fight for equality and equity. In response, the 2020 FilmAid Film Festival (#FAFF2020) will for the first time provide an online global platform for inspiring young filmmakers, journalists and activists to share their Visions of the Future We Desire.

Please join us in a showcase of stories offering a vision for our collective future where all people can live dignified lives free from violence, bigotry, inequality and oppression.
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