Miyagi - Samurai | Reaction [THAT CONTRAST THO!]

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Sup yall! Its MIYAGI tiiiime! XD Thanks to the viewer who linked this video in one of my previous comments section. I haven't reacted to a Miyagi song in a while, so 'Samurai' was the directly linked one from the list.

The song was very catchy and interesting, with the intricate vocals and "lyrics"? But the beat was very good: chill rap vibes. The video as well was very well made. The aesthetics of it was very interesting and appealing. I enjoyed the concept and the contrast between light and dark. The set also was very nice, plus the animation was a nice touch. However, I'm not really sure I understood the whole message or meaning behind the Especially because there were no subtitles XD. Please clear this out for me in the comments section! Spasibo in advance :D xoxoxo


I would like to thank each and everyone of my subscribers thus far, and I hope we grow together! :D
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Miyagi - Samurai (Official Video):

(no copyright music) lofi type beat “biscuit” | free vlog music | prod. by lukrembo:

#lofi #chill #lukrembo
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