My dream girl came to kiss me in the guy’s toilets – our hot moment became A HORROR!

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"My dream girl came to kiss me in the guy’s toilets – our hot moment became A HORROR!"

Hey, Andy here. I don't want to sound like some exaggerating jerk…BUT when it comes to getting the attention of the girls at my school, well, let's just say I have my pick of the bunch.
I like to mix things up…
There's been the book-obsessed girl.
The party girl.
The innocent-looking girl.
The wild girl.
And the out-of-this-world good-looking girl – well, I've actually had a few of those.
Call me a bad boy or whatever, I don't care as I'm just enjoying my life in a way that makes me happiest and most comfortable.
The people that usually have a problem with the way I choose to lead my life are just jealous!
Tough luck guys, not everyone can be as charismatic as me.
As much as I like girls, and I like them A LOT, I bore easily, so my longest relationship only lasted a few months.
The problem is that after a year of doing this I was running out of girls. It seems that I'd run low on 'resources,' and there was NO WAY I was taking any of my exes back!
That's why, when it came to my latest girlfriend, the quite pretty but a bit boring Ella, I decided that sticking with her was better than nothing.
Then Donna transferred to my school and talk about smokin' hot!!!

I heard some rumor that Donna had been sick so skipped a school year, then her family moved to this city. Okay, I could definitely handle an older girl – thank the heavens for bringing this angel into my life.

Now, I had a new goal in sight. Stuff boring Ella and the rest of my exes – I'd been there, done that and now I was going for gold! Only, I had competition, as Donna attracted the attention of so many other hungry tigers. Out of them, my biggest threats were from these doofus jocks Dean and Cody. When it came to sports and girls, we are like enemies. Even when we are in the same team, Cody always steals my basketball, and Dean from the opposing team always tries to attack me, not the ball. Many of the girls I flirt with have fallen into their hands, although that love always ends after a few days because I already know they dated those girls just to infuriate me. How childish! This time, there'd be no way I would let them win!
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