New World A MASSIVE Amount of Feedback | Coffee Chat

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New World A MASSIVE Amount of Feedback | Coffee Chat | Ginger Prime Gaming
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In this post, I'm going into a great amount of feedback and my thoughts on the state of New World and what I hope to see for this game's future. Let me be clear, I really enjoyed what I've experienced so far from this game, and happy I pre-ordered and am excited for when this game releases, but that in no way should come across as a shining review for the game in its current state. As a gamer I tend to see the potential in games, which I think is a good quality to have, but when talking to a wide selection of gamers it can come across as overly optimistic and perhaps even naïve.
As a brief overview, I plan to talk a lot about dungeons, raids, mounts, and the economy, so let's go ahead and dive into my thoughts about the state of New World.

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0:00 Introduction
1:10 Setting Some Context
4:41 Improving Questing
7:11 Improving the Economy
12:25 PvP Thoughts
14:43 Controller Considerations
15:40 Weapons & Magic
17:00 Final Thoughts
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