Nissan Magnite Non Turbo vs Turbo | XL vs XV vs XV Pre | Which Engine To Buy?| The Ultimate Analysis

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December 2020: V3Cars reviews Nissan Magnite petrol and turbo-petrol’s closely priced variants to find out which engine makes the most sense for buyers. The Magnite is available with the option of two petrol engines -- a turbocharged petrol engine and a normal petrol engine. The normal petrol engine is available with a manual transmission only while the turbo-petrol engine can be had with either a manual or a CVT type automatic transmission.

The Nissan Magnite’s price range starts at Rs lakh for its base variant. This makes the Magnite the cheapest priced SUV in the B2 segment. In fact, this price is comparable with hatchbacks in the B1- and B2-segment. Nissan Magnite Turbo petrol price starts at Rs. lakh and top XV Premium turbo petrol variant is priced at Rs. lakh. Magnite is also available with CVT type automatic transmission and its prices start from Rs. lakh.

You can book your interest online for Magnite on Nissan’s official site, here:

This video is made in Hindi with the use of English words in between. We hope you find it useful before making your buying decision. Please feel free to give feedback in the comments section about the video. We appreciate constructive criticism. Thanks.

Video timestamps:

00:00 - 00:50 - Intro
00:51 - 01:35 - Magnite Prices
01:36 - 02:56 - Magnite Engine & maintenance
02:57 - 04:33 - Non Turbo XV vs Turbo XL
04:34 - 05:58 - Non Turbo XV Premium vs Turbo XV
05:59 - 07:11 - Verdict

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