osu! | Vaxei | Flute (Original Mix) [extrad1881(ar9)] +HDDT 96.26% 10.11★ 17❌ 450/1211x | #1 DT

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osu! | Vaxei | Flute (Original Mix) [extrad1881(ar9)] +HDDT ★ 17❌ 450/1211x | #1 DT
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Map: | Click "Show more" for an explanation what this video and free to play rhythm game is all about!

osu! is the perfect game if you're looking for ftp games as
osu! is a free to play online rhythm game, which you can use as a rhythm trainer online with lots of gameplay music!

osu! has online rankings, multiplayer and boasts a community with over 500,000 active users!

Title explanation:
PlayerName | Artist - Song [Difficulty] +ModificationOfMap | PlayerAccuracyOnMap% PointsAwardedForThisPlayPP

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