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You might have missed, that we put out a wonderful album from our good boy Quatri, at no cost or for a donation of your choise. "Left Undone" is an exclusive bandcamp album, featuring a collection of unfinished tracks on which we worked on during the last years. Lost projects files or lacking inspiration have created a handful of tracks that were left undone. Curated with his Nie Wieder Schlafen family, Quatri decided to include these unfinished projects into an album, that might create enjoyment for some.

"Nagamato" became one of the highlights of the release so far and I think it it would be a shame if some of you don't get to hear it!

Quatri :

"Hola amigos

In times of moving forward and getting to new spaces, I would like to show you some of my unfinished works that lived with me the past two years

Going back into my lost tracks, the ones I got to render/export but lost the project files, I felt like a lot of these are done and deserve to be heard. They have written so many beautiful memories and are the paint / colours to unforgettable moments.

Unfortunately these are all unmastered. I compiled these finished and unfinished tracks for you to save, enjoy, alone or with friends, contemplate, or dance on… To create moments for you too."

Enjoy & Buy!!

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● Release : 2020-06-19

● Titel : "Quatri - Nagamato"

● Quality : 160 kBit/s

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● Label : Nie Wieder Schlafen
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● Image by : Raissa Lara Lütolf


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