Red Dead redemption 2 online shenanigans and possibly Easter eggs Ep 2

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I would like to take this time to thank all you guys for giving me the ability and confidence to re-trademark my name, Kriss Krymzon®️Reg. Pat. & TM Off.

Hello everyone this is my channel where I will be live streaming and posting videos from the games that I play from PS4, mainly WWE2K19. If anyone requests a character you must be a die hard follower of the channel. Don't ask to be mod. Do not ask for subs. If any Wrestling character has anything glow or black light they will NOT be considered for my roster! Please do NOT tell me how to play the games that I play cause that will get you removed from the stream. These rules are set for a reason and if anyone abuses these rules they will get kicked, Thank you for your cooperation and support . Enjoy what you see and comment and please subscribe. Come check out our Kryzmon Wrestling Entertainment page at Krymzon Wrestling Entertainment appreciates the support. Thank you.
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