Remote Collar - Shock Collar - E Collar - Humane or Inhumane?

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We'll be getting hot and heavy with this one. Emotional people will hate me, common sense people looking to learn will love me for posting this video
Now i'm not saying that some people arent using this tool incorrectly, but what i want to stress is that this tool can be a phenomenal asset in the dog training world and within the average dog owner relationship when used properly. Unfortunately there is talk of this tool being banned in some parts of the world (already have in some) due to misinformation. So i leave you with this silly but eye opening if people were using a pencil as a weapon in one part of the neighborhood, should we as a society ban pens and pencils due to the way one group of people were using them?, or educate the rest of the world on how that tool can be used differently and properly?
Remote collars outside of the hunting world and in an urban environment?!!? In this video we are going to get hot and heavy into perhaps what is one of the most controversial and possibly most misunderstood tool in the dog training, dog owner world. THE REMOTE COLLAR! Is it humane or inhumane? Are are beloved pets being shocked? At the DctK9 the way we use it might "SHOCK" and surprise you.
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