Roy Demeo & Murder Machine Part 3: The Butcher & His Apprentices

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From late 1974 to the summer of 1975 The Demeo Crew find themselves confronting their first serious problem when Andrei Katz wants revenge (or justice) for being seriously injured by Chris Rosenberg and his muscle, The Gemini Twins, over a dispute. The crew is going to have to turn to Demeo, though he himself was still learning and not quite the homicidal mastermind he would become in the near future. There was a reason other killers, including Gotti and Sammy the Bull, feared this guy, and this was the beginning. Warning. This episode includes extreme details of graphic violence and disturbing behavior. It includes medically researched details of what it would have looked like.

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Offender by Amal Raj

Sinister by Vivek Abishek

Engulfed by The Night Darren Curtis
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Fear by Shankar Yogi
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The Lurking Evil by Darren Curtis
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