“Shock collar?!..” -Aftons + Henry- (FNAF// Gacha Club) WARNING: !Torture, FLASHING LIGHTS!

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Warning! This video contains some torture, and flashing lights. If you are uncomfortable by this, I don’t suggest watching it! If you watch this video and give me hate, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Okay so! ???? I tried some new effects with filters, I hope you like it! This video is pretty messed up in a way, and yes I did leave a cliffhanger, but the next video will come out soon ;)
Side note, “Chris” the crying child is named “Terrance” in my AU (Alternate universe) Williams father is not names “Oliver here”, he’s name “Victor in my AU! So please stop complaining about it, just stop man ???? Okay I’m done with my little note-

I hope you enjoy this video!

Have a good day/night! Bye!
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