Skibadee, Shabba D, Shockin B & DJ Trend (The Orignial SASAS) - Dec 1997 - Kool FM 94.5

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This is an exclusive rare tape recording to this channel. It was recorded by us and shared by us. The original SASAS (Skibadee, Shabba D & Shockin B). Share, like and subscribe to London's pirate radio archive. Taking you back in time. Artwork by Take Me Back Pirate Radio Archives.
This was DJ Trend's debut show on London's, pirate station Kool FM Trend was part of TNT (DJ Target and DJ Trend). He was originally part of east London's Rinse FM and became famous for co-producing the Jungle anthem "2 Degrees" at the age of 19. At the time he was a teenage sensation. 2 Degrees was recently remixed by Low Down Deep Recordings, Dominator, who sadly passed away. Trend's DJing career was also taking off in a big way, in the year that followed, DJ Trend was getting booked in the main arena of top events like: Pure Science @Canterbury Tales, Friday 18th Sept 1998.
On 17th Sept 2010, DJ Trend sadly passed away on his 32nd birthday. The scene was rocked by his loss. Rest In Peace DJ Trend (Gifford Noel).
This was the original SASAS, which came about way before SASASAS. It consisted of MCs Skibadee, Shabba D and Shockin B. Shabba and Shockin were known for doing shows on Weekend Rush FM which was based in Hackney's Nightingale Estate. Check the channel out for their shows in early 90s.
Interestingly, we have a rare recording on this channel of Skibadee in 1995, on Kool FM. It shows the journey of the MC and how far he's come and the amount of change he has undergone over the years.

Out to all the Junglists that remember AWOL, Accelerated Culture, Best of The British,
Breakin’ Science, Club Labyrinth, Desert Storm & Jungle Magic, Desire, Elevation, Heat,
Helter Skelter, Innovation, Pure Science, Jungle Fever (Kool FM), Kool Skool (Kool FM), Metalheadz, One Nation, Roast, Stush, Telepathy, Total Science, The Designer Label Ball, Thunder and Joy, True Playaz, United Dance, Warning, World Dance, plus many more raves near, at and after that era.

Artwork by Take Me Back Pirate Radio Archives.

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