So, You've Downloaded a Demon (Full Movie - Horror/Comedy - 2007)

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Goth chicks Miranda and Cat will do almost anything to get back into their college witch
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Lured to a mysterious website that promises to grant any wish but unwilling to pay the price of admission - their souls - the girls turn to DAVE, a goofy but lovable candidate for student body president and computer geek BRIAN, his roommate-cum-campaign manager, to help them sneak in. So when Dave accidentally stumbles into the site, allowing ANTICUS, the website's demon, to grab possession of his soul, he gets changed from a doofus into a charismatic if somewhat demonic and diabolical political machine - and Brian is without a clue as to how to get his friend back.

So, You've Downloaded a Demon
Country of origin: USA
Release date: 2007
Language: English
Genre: Horror/Comedy

Director: Todd Livingston
Writers: Nicholas Capetanakis, Todd Livingston
Stars: Casidee Riley, Sommer Fain, Zak Kreiter
USA (2004)

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