Someone made the most OP BOT in Rocket League

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Even a Bronze is better than a bot in Rocket League. They have slow kickoffs, no awareness, and can't even do a basic aerial. A new Rocket League player doesn't have to train for very long before they can easily beat the so-called All-Star bot. In this video we aren't dealing with your regular Psyonix made bot, no this is real artificial intelligence. The RLBot community has been spent years perfecting custom Rocket League bots that will change everything you thought you know about bots in this game. They can wave dash, aerial, pass and rotate. They can even work as a 3v3 how good are they? Champion? Diamond? Platinum? Gold? Well, let's find out in this Rocket League challenge to see just how far Rocket League bot programming as come. This video was created by way of BakkesMod and the RLBot App. Both are now available for Epic Games and Steam.

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