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HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY TO ALL FELLOW STAYS! :D Ahh man what an awesome video this was hahaha! It was so fun to see SKZ just having fun and with a great song to match as well! Had a really great time with this one and we just couldn't stop smiling!

???? And here's our reaction to Episode 2 of the Survival Show as promised :D

Honestly guys we can't thank you enough for joining us on this journey of discovering Stray Kids. It's safe to say that we've never been THIS all into a group/band/artist like this EVER! We always say it in our videos but Stray Kids are literally playing pretty much 24/7 in the house and adding a new song to our playlists after reacting to it is one of the greatest highlights of our days! ????

So again, thank YOU. Yes, you reading this comment haha! :D Thank YOU for all of the support you've given us in our journey so far. We'll always continue to try our absolute best to reply to as many of your comments as possible and we'll be dishing a LOT of SKZ videos in the coming days - also got plans in the works to have a "Stray Kids Week" for the channel coming real soon so definitely keep an eye out for that ????

And like you make Stray Kids stay, you also do the same for us. And for that, no words can ever describe how grateful we are. Thank you ❤️


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