Switcher LIVE: Facebook Streaming, Remote Cameras, Video Chat Set-Up & MORE with Switcher Studio

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How do you use Switcher Studio? Welcome to the Switcher 101 Series with our Support Team! ⬇️ MORE FROM SWITCHER ⬇️ SUBSCRIBE:

Meet Dan and Angela from the Switcher Studio Support Team! They are here to teach you how to use Switcher Studio, answer some of our Switcher Studio Creators questions and have a few laughs along the way.

Every week our Switcher Studio Facebook Live Series airs in our Switcher Studio 101 Facebook Group page. Now you can find this series on the Switcher Studio YouTube. Subscribe to our channel to follow this series:

This Switcher Studio Tutorial video covers topics such as streaming on Facebook, connecting remote cameras, setting-up video chat and more in Switcher Studio! Checkout the full list of topics with timecode below:

00:01:54 - How do I set up a stream to Facebook

00:12:15 - Is there a particular order to powering up your main Switcher device, remote cameras, and an additional DJI Osmo Mobile.

00:14:30 - Can I have more guests in video chat?

00:16:20 - Can I use the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 with Switcher Studio?

00:18:20 - Does the Facebook algorithm prioritize livestreams the same whether you use Switcher Studio or not? How should I promote my livestreams on Facebook?

00:20:50 - Is Osmo auto-tracking going to be integrated into Switcher Studio?

00:23:00 - How can I simulcast my livestream?

00:26:45 - Is there a way to have your cameras automatically switch angles?

00:28:55 - How do I get rid of the echo I hear when using a microphone?

00:30:30 - Can I bring in custom lower thirds that I create in another program?

00:33:00 - How can I use the mic from a remote camera while switching from my main device?

00:40:35 - Dan gets attacked by a wasp!!!

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What is Switcher Studio?

Switcher Studio is a live, multi-camera streaming app for iOS systems. With Switcher Studio you can capture video from multiple angles, edit in real time, add customized graphics, upload assets from additional devices and more - all to help you to connect with your community in the most engaging way possible.

We at Switcher Studio believe in the power of video and the importance of connection. We believe that life seen from multiple angles is more captivating, more moving, and more rewarding. Making video should be collaborative and without limitations to the amount of places and perspectives a piece of content can convey. Switcher Studio is for everyone with a voice, a view, or a story.

Start your free trial and start live streaming like a pro today -

What Does Switcher Studio Offer?

Switcher studio lets you connect multiple iPhone and iPads to create unforgettable multi camera live videos complete with text, graphics, editing and effects. Switcher Studio video software allows you to stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Microsoft Stream, Twitch and more.

Switcher features include:
- Streaming from up to 9 wireless iPhone and iPads and switching angles seamlessly within the app
- Adding customized graphics, logos and pre-recorded videos to make your live stream more authentic and professional
- Inserting animated templates for text, titles, CTAs and social handles in real time
- Inviting guests to join from anywhere in the world
- Displaying Facebook comments live in your video for real-time engagement

Learn more about how Switcher Studio can up your live videos:

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