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-- Shock to the System --
It's been a long time coming, but System Shock 2 has finally emerged from publishing limbo and will soon arrive on and Steam. The rights were secured by Night Dive Studios, and the game will be released via GOG on feb 14, 2013 at 6AM ET. At a mere $10!

Very special shoutout to folks at Night Dive Studios and for making impossible possible!

SYSTEM SHOCK 2 is back!

BUY from GOG ($9,99):
Bonus Content Included: manual, Ken Levine radio interview, soundtrack (FLAC & MP3), 28 artworks, pitch document, 2 concept maps, wallpaper, 2 avatars, SHODAN full size render

SYSTEM SHOCK 2 (Irrational Games / Looking Glass Studios, 1999)

There is no other game with same kind of horrifying atmosphere and feeling of being left alone. Soundtrack is pure gold, voice acting is great, gameplay is amazing and it's awfully scary.

Comments with torrent/download links will be deleted immediately. Oh and, please, try to avoid any unnecessary spoilers.

-- Mii85

System Shock 2 (commonly abbreviated SS2) is a science fiction horror-themed first-person shooter which incorporates a number of elements commonly seen in computer role-playing games. It was developed by Looking Glass Studios and Looking Glass offshoot Irrational Games, and was released on August 11, 1999. It is a direct sequel to the seminal 1994 Looking Glass Studios computer game System Shock, with which it shares the same hybrid gameplay style. The game appears on a number of "Best Games of All Time" lists and has a strong fan base.

Taking place on an experimental starship in the far future, System Shock 2 has the player take control of a recent military recruit trying to survive a deadly and mysterious alien infestation. Horror is a prominent element of System Shock 2, and it has been frequently described as being quite shocking.

In 2004, Irrational Games announced a spiritual successor to the System Shock series, entitled Bioshock. The game takes place in an abandoned underwater utopian community that has somehow gone awry through events involving the genetic modification of its populace.

"As you should expect, System Shock 2 is-in all actuality-pretty dang creepy. On several occasions I felt my heart jump upon rounding a corner and finding myself face to face with a horribly mutated hybrid, or walking into a room and seeing a crew member hanging from the ceiling in apparent suicide, their eyes darkly ringed and body slowly swaying in the draft." --Game First / Score: 5/5

"...realistic environments, intriguing plot, and consistently uneasy atmosphere make System Shock 2 constantly effective. It is a hybrid game that effectively blends elements from a variety of genres into a thoroughly enjoyable and accessible package." --Gamespot / Score:

"Imagine Resident Evil 2 crossed with Doom and some of the environments of Star Trek and you`ve got an idea of how System Shock 2 FEELS. Once you hear an unfortunate mutated human soul cry out, "Kill me"! or "Join The Many"! you will know the threshold of horror in a video/computer game." --Honest Gamers / Score: 10

"The atmosphere is just amazing. Much like horror games, you need to keep your lights off and a great speaker setup to get the best effect. Just make sure the chair you are in is soft, you will be getting very jumpy as you play. You don't know what will pop up and when. Great Atmosphere + Great Story = WOW." --Gaming Age / Score: A+



- DEUS EX (series)
Fantastic FPS/RPG hybrid set in atmospheric cyberpunk universe. Someone might even go as far as to say "better than System Shock 2." Who knows, really, but personally this would be my first pick after System Shock series. Original Deus Ex and Human Revolution are both super fun and one of the finest games i have ever played. Deus Ex: Invisible War saddly not so Fun game but nowhere near as good as original DX and HR.
Deus Ex (2000)
Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011)

- BIOSHOCK (series)
Much like System Shock 2 but set in Steampunk/Biopunk setting instead. Made by same genius who brought us System Shock 2 - Ken Levine. If you want more action and less RPG it's a perfect pick for you.



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Irrational Games History: System Shock 2 (Predecessor to Bioshock 2)
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