The Terminator: James Cameron's Future War

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"The Terminator: James Cameron's Future War"

I made this fan video because I'm a huge fan of the two Terminator movies by James Cameron.
The video consists of three Future War scenes from "The Terminator" and "T2: Judgment Day".

I'm not the first person on Youtube that decided to post Future War scenes from "The Terminator" movies, but most of those videos are poor quality and badly edited,
so I made my own video...It took some time to edit, hope you guys like it.

I didn't include the Future War scene from "Terminator 3", because one, it wasn't made by Cameron and two, I absolutely hate it.
The sound effects in the T3 Future War scene are all wrong and they didn't capture James Cameron's visual style at all, also, the human resistance members and John Connor look like a bunch of flag-waving hillbillies.
In Cameron's movies, the resistance members are organized, battle hardened and their uniforms kick ass.

Enjoy the video and buy these two movies on DVD/Bluray, they are works of art and belong in anyones movie collection...and do yourself a favor, forget about "Terminator 3", pretend it never was created.

Greets ***MI TROOPER***,

The Terminator: James Cameron's Future War
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Edited by ***MI TROOPER***, January 2009
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