The Urban Ninja: Kenjutsu costume & action test martial arts + samurai sword (katana)

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The Urban Ninja: Kenjutsu

The Urban Ninja: Karate and Taekwondo

The Urban Ninja: Batto-jutsu

I'm thinking of cyberpunk story for this character.

Urban ninja costume, martial arts and sword action sequences including martial arts, karate, taekwondo, kenjutsu, kendo, iaido, batto, kung fu, wushu, fight choreography, katana, Ninja and samurai stuff.
His story is yet really vague he could be in the dark of the mage cities like Tokyo or New York. He also could be in post-apocalyptic world like Madmax, Six String Samurai or The Fist of North Star!
Please tell me where you think this Urban Ninja belong to in the comment below!

I'm just a screenwriter who's also learning fight choreography and martial arts actions in an action school and a huge fan of action movies!

Great music from soundscrate
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