Top 20 Trends in 2019 Forecast -'s 2019 Trend Report

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Trend Hunter’s most exciting ideas and innovations can be found inside of the 2019 Trend Report, which is now available to be downloaded for free. In addition, the report is accompanied by the downloadable 2019 Trend Report forecast from Trend Hunter & Future Festival --"The World's Best Innovation Conference!" Download the 2019 Trend Report at:
The report is based on micro trends, which are more specific than the content typically featured during Trend Hunter’s futuristic keynotes. If you’re interested in exciting and forward-facing insights, search for Jeremy’s AI & The Super Future keynote, which covers the implications of the new technology, while offering a deep dive into the launch of Trend Hunter AI.

If you want to experience the future for yourself, you need to attend Future Festival -- an immersive innovation conference that brings the Trends in 2019 Trend Report to life! You'll experience a dozen keynote speakers exploring innovation, creativity and the future.

This year, Future Festival is making stops in 11 cities with one-day innovation and trend conferences. These power-packed events include the full list of futurist speakers, the 2019 Trend Report and innovation keynotes.


New York - January 15th
Orlando - January 17th
Cincinnati - March 18th
Atlanta - March 20th
Seattle - May 13th
New York - May 21st
Minneapolis - May 23rd
Berlin - June 27th
Los Angeles - July 15th
Philadelphia - July 17th
Chicago - July 18th
October 1st - 3rd - Toronto

More Futurist Conference info at:

... and Innovation & Futurist Keynote Speaker info at:
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