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James Cameron might be known for his incredible hits like Avatar or Titanic, but what is less known is that behind such sci-fi masterpiece as Terminator or dramas as Titanic - lies real struggle of the main actors.

Leonardo DiCaprio together with Kate Winslet were frozen on the set and Winslet even broke her leg! However, these days his directing methods become less despotic, as we found out from James Cameron interview.

But back in the old days, his ex-wives and particularly the actress of Sarah Connor lived with a real tyrant. Another cruel story is about The Shining director Stanley Kubrick.

During the shooting of the Eyes Wide Shut, Nicole Kidman suffered a lot and Tom Cruise even got himself a years-long disease with the stomach! Yes, Kubrick is a director, who makes the shooting process unbelievably tough. Just as much as David Fincher.

His Fight Club is one of the most popular films on IMDB though actors had to go through a lot for achieving that. Think about it next time you are watching Social Network, or for instance, The Gone Girl. If you ask Robert Downey Jr. or Jake Gyllenhaal, they will share the same thought about David Fincher.

The very same stories are told about his famous movie - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and believe us, his Seven was not easier as well. But sometimes despotic directors suffer together with actors.

Alejandro gonzález iñárritu is a great example of that. He was going through hell during the filming of The Revenant with Leonardo DiCaprio.

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