Turbo Honda K24 Swapped Ferrari 308 - Interior Teardown - Time Attack Build

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Who needs an interior, anyway?! Today, I'm ripping the guts out of the Ferrari 308 GTBi, beginning with the gorgeous factory seats. I've bought a set of Bride Zeta IIs from Japan for the build, and have decided an F40-esque interior is more my pace.

Out comes the carpet and the sound it's all just unnecessary weight. Soon, we'll begin the quest to find the "right" replacement carpet, and decide just how much of the interior should go back in. What do you think?

A special thanks to Andrew Ritter for the helping hand in pulling off the day's work.

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00:00 - Intro
00:50 - Interior Overview
01:19 - Seat Removal
03:03 - Bride Zeta II Seats
04:46 - Removing the Carpet & Center Console
07:08 - Sound Deadener & Insulation Removal
10:18 - Outro
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