Turbo Honda K24 Swapped Ferrari 308 - Wiring Nightmare! - Time Attack Build - Ep. 14

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We're back on the interior, this time with a focus on removing the dashboar, the blower motor, and the wiring of the Ferrari 308 GTBi.

Removing the dash turned out to be relatively easy. The wiring on the other hand? Not so much. With the entire harness being one piece, it was rather tedious and time consuming to remove without damaging it. Now, though, the interior is looking nice and onto the next stages of the build!

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00:00 - Intro
00:57 - Dash Removal & Why I'm Taking Apart a Nice Car
04:21 - Dash Wiring Removal
06:26 - Under the Hood Wiring Removal
07:55 - Plug Disassembly
11:30 - Blower Motor and Evap Core Removal
13:43 - Fuel Tank Removal
16:02 - Wiring Harness Removal
17:43 - Making a New Friend
18:26 - Outro
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