US presidential election a 'turnout game' for Democrats and Republicans

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The United States presidential election will be a “toss-up” between Joe Biden and Donald Trump with the outcome hinging on voter turnout for both parties according to Journalist Louise Schiavone.

"I really thought Trump was going to win four years ago but I think this time around is a really different picture,” she told Sky News, pointing to a widespread fear of dying from the virus as an important gamechanger in the election.

“The animosity on both sides is so intense and I’ve never seen that before and it seems like every four years it gets more and more intense”.

“I think if the election were closed two weeks ago, that Biden would for sure have won, but I think that Trump, the way he has been working hard and hitting the campaign trail … he’s really demonstrated that he is pushing for people to support him and he’s generating a huge amount of enthusiasm."

Ms Schiavone said while the enthusiasm he generated wouldn’t change people’s minds, it would translate into voter turnout among Trump supporters.

“People know what they think. The question is are they going to turnout,” she said.

“It’s a turnout game for both parties."
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