Weekend Event - Dragon Mania Legends

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Weekend Event - Dragon Mania Legends

⚡ Arya's here again with news about upcoming events! ⚡

???? Jul 13-20: Bottomless Dungeon! ????
Explore the Dungeon and open chests for the chance to loot the Crone Dragon! Look out for the Relic of Farming or the Extra Den Relic in this week's dungeon chests!
Dungeon shop: School Bus Dragon

⚔ Jul 13–17: Clan Siege! ⚔
Attack the opposing Clan's Fort to win valuable rewards.

???? Jul 13-20: Daily Bingo Cards ????
Complete daily Bingo Cards by landing on the corresponding colored tiles with the correct number! This week you can collect parts of Mo'motu, the Ancient Water Earth Dragon.

???? Jul 13–20: Boss Challenge! ????
Beat all the Bosses to complete rounds and win the Hellhound Dragon.

???? Jul 13-20: Gem Spending Event! ????
Spend as many Gems as you can to win the Mosaic Dragon on the leaderboard and the Petal Dragon as the milestone reward.

???? Jul 13-17: Blitz Breeding! ????
Race against the clock and use the Yellow Crown Dragon and the Axolotl Dragon to breed the Hyena Dragon!

???? Jul 17-20: Farming Fanatic! ????
Collect as much Food as you can. Leaderboard prize: Trickster Dragon.⠀

???? Jul 17-20: Golden Opportunity! (VIP) ????
Spend as much Gold as you can for a chance to earn special rewards. Leaderboard prize: Rosie Dragon.

???? Jul 13-20: Dragon of the Week! ????
This week's special weekly dragon is the Axolotl Dragon, which you have a chance to breed by pairing the Sunflower and UV Dragons!

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